Alright, so I’ve done a few of these chapter recaps now, and I’ve already got my next few written, waiting to be posted, but I feel like I need to throw something in here to break things up a bit.  It’s not that I don’t think The Host is the absolute best, most well-written book I’ve ever read, because I do (okay, maybe not; it kind of hurt me even writing that), but it just feels like there’s a long span between Thursday and Tuesday, and I’d like to fill it with something.  What better “something” than something completely different, that will hopefully help keep both myself and my readers sane as we trudge through The Host (and eventually Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey) together?

So here’s what I’m going to do, starting with a wee bit of back story.

Years ago, my father gave me a book called “How Far Will You Go?  Questions to Test Your Limits” by Evelyn McFarlane and James Saywell.  Now, I’m not really sure why he gave me this book, because it’s got some fairly adult questions in it, and I was just young, but either way, I’m glad he did.  Over the years since having it, I’ve left it out on my coffee table, and when small groups of friends would come spend time at my apartment, we would grab this book and flip through at random, all answering the questions as best we could.  It led to some very personal admissions, closer friendships, and more often than not, huge bouts of uncontrollable laughter as we all shared our deepest thoughts and secrets, and our most embarrassing moments.  I always enjoyed those times with my friends; they’re some of my favourite memories.


Now, anyone who read my initial post on this blog, “So it begins…“, knows that I’m doing these chapter recaps at the same time as my best friend, Mike (, who is one of the people who participated in our group sessions with this question book.  He agreed with my idea of breaking up the blogs using these, to tame our angry ranting for a bit, so he’ll be doing them as well, and we’ll both be posting our answers on Saturdays.

This book is much better when the questions are answered by multiple people, so it will be good to have him along, and I’d love it if anyone who reads this blog would comment with their answers, as well!  Some of the questions are definitely more personal than others, so if you’re not comfortable answering them, that’s totally understandable, but even if you just want to talk about something related to the topic that isn’t personal to you, that’s fine too.  Or hell, talk about anything you want, or ask your own question for Mike and I to answer!  Anything goes.


So, see you Saturday for the first of these posts, where the question will be: “What is the one thing you’d most like to change about the world?”

And see you Tuesday for more of The Host!  Wheeeeee!