The ninth question for the Q&A section is: “What is the least you’ve ever worn in public?”

For me, the answer to this depends on what you consider “in public”.  See, multiple times this summer, I went out on my balcony wearing just a bra and underwear, because…why not?  My balcony gets ridiculously hot on summer afternoons, since it gets the afternoon sun, and I figure my bikinis look like I’m just wearing a bra and underwear anyway, so why not make it easier and just strip down to what I’m already wearing underneath and then head out on the balcony, instead of getting changed?

This gif amuses me far more than it should.

This gif amuses me far more than it should.

The thing is, I live on one of the highest floors in my apartment building, and my balcony overlooks a forested area and part of the street next to my building, so the only people who would have seen me in said undergarments are the people on the two balconies next to mine, the people in the next building, if they were on their balconies, and potentially people on the street, if they happened to look up.  I know there have been people out and walking/driving past when I’ve done it before, but I have no way of knowing if they’ve actually seen me, so I don’t know if that counts as public enough.

Aside from that, I’ve obviously worn bikinis in public before, but I can’t imagine that counts, since it’s expected…and I don’t think I’ve ever been naked in public, so I guess it would just be either my old black dress that is both short in the skirt and cut low on top, or the short pink plaid skirt I have that I wore with a pink corset my sister gave me to karaoke a couple of times a while back.  Nothing too interesting there, I guess.

And that’s all I can think of to say about that!

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