The tenth question for the Q&A section is: “What is the best example of ‘perfection’ that you can think of?”

I find I say this almost every time, but that’s because it keeps being true: This is really hard to answer.  I thought for a long time about this, and I could think of things I should say, and I could think of things I could say, but with each of those things, I knew that if I was being honest with myself, I could identify something about them that wasn’t perfect.  My son is pretty close, but he’s not perfect…if this was asking me what the closest example was, I might be able to say it was him, but to me, “best” implies that it is perfect.  And that, my friends, is significantly harder to come by.


Actually, you know what?  I’m going to go ahead and say that it’s impossible.  Nothing is ever completely perfect; nothing exists that isn’t flawed in some way.  So when I thought about this, I realized that every time I thought of a contender for the title of “best example of perfection”, it was either something that invoked feelings or the feelings themselves.  You can have a perfect day, you can see a perfect sunset or some other natural phenomenon that just seems so beautiful and unmarred that it must be perfect…and you can do something perfectly, though the road to that perfection may not be so perfect…but all of that is based on how you perceive it.  If you perceive it to be perfect, it is, even when it’s not.

When I was younger, I used to take the bus a lot, and sometimes as we drove through the streets of downtown and I had my music playing through my headphones, I would just look out on the world and think that it looked absolutely perfect.  I would be amazed by the people as they went along, doing their normal, day to day activities, just because of how incredible humans are, and how beautiful and fascinating the world can be.  For a long time, I thought those trips were perfection, just as it felt like perfection when I’d ride in the back-seat of my parents’ cars on long trips, watching the world go by and feeling completely, 100% safe.  Sometimes, perfection is simple, even if you know deep down that it’s not really perfect when you look beneath the surface.


These days, I think the closest I get to perfection is when I’m totally connected to and wrapped up in someone else, whether it’s my son or a romantic partner.  I find it’s mostly something that happens in those first few wonderful months of a new relationship, when you can’t help but love everything about the person, and all you can see is how wonderful they are, how much you have in common, and how it feels as though they are and have always been a part of you.  I remember laying in my boyfriend’s arms as he’d tell me all the reasons why he loved me, and looking into his eyes and feeling like there could never be anything better than that.  I remember watching him sleep, gently pushing his hair back from his eyes as he did so, and seeing the smile light up his face at my touch.  I remember looking at him and seeing in him everything that I could ever have wanted.  That’s perfection.  When every moment is beautiful because that one special person is in it, and every moment without them feels like agony.  I guess, as imperfect as it is, real love is also perfection.  


I don’t think I can pinpoint just one example of perfection that is better than all the rest, but I know I’ve had moments – and even days – in my life where I felt like everything was perfect, despite how horribly imperfect it all really was if I’d taken the time to look at it on a deeper level.  Maybe that’s perfection – being able to feel like the world is wonderful, magical, beautiful, full of love, and even perfect…when it’s not.  Or maybe it’s losing yourself entirely in another person, and finding them within you.  Perfection can be so many things, but whatever else it is, perfection is, most certainly, the best feeling in the world.

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