The twelfth question for the Q&A section of this blog is: “Who is the person you miss most right now?”

Honestly, I don’t think I really miss anyone.  Generally, I don’t miss people unless I’m thinking about them for a while and am reminded of memories that make me miss them, so it takes a lot to make me miss someone out of nowhere.  Sometimes I’ll miss someone and have no idea why, or miss them out of nowhere and then be able to figure out why, but usually I just kind of glide on through the day without missing anybody.  That sounds surprisingly heartless, now that I’ve just come out and said it like that, but I don’t think it’s actually really abnormal.


I’ve been lucky not to have to deal with many people I’ve been close to dying, and only one of my close friends is far enough away for me to miss them, which I definitely do sometimes, but less now than I used to since we talk every day, whereas up to a few months ago, we barely had the chance to talk at all.  I don’t tend to miss my family unless I’m really thinking about them, and the same usually goes for my other friends, unless I’m missing hanging out with them or something…so I guess the “person I miss most” would be someone I haven’t met yet, or someone created from a mashup of emotions I miss.

…Yeah, I miss people that either don’t exist or that I have not and probably will never meet.  When I’m in a relationship, obviously I miss my boyfriend, though mostly at irrational times…but otherwise, it’s random people, usually that are completely irrational.  So, that’s me.  Weird and irrational.  I’m sorry 😦

Brave Frustration

I guess that’s it, then…

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