The fourteenth question for the Q&A section of this blog is: “What is the one non-monetary thing you have the highest hope of obtaining in life?”

Once again, I’m going to give an answer here that is very typical; one anyone else could and a lot probably would give.   It kind of amounts to a combination of things, which feels somewhat like cheating here, but I’m going to go with it anyway.  So, what I hope to obtain is a healthy, happy romantic relationship.


I want it to be stable and loving, with someone who is mature and responsible enough to think things through and make smart decisions, but who can also be funny and ridiculously weird when the mood strikes, and appreciates those traits in me…who likes to talk about anything and respects me and my opinions even if he doesn’t share them.  I want him to be supportive, but also to let me support him when he needs it, and I want him to be financially stable, because I’ve spent too much time supporting other people financially, and I just can’t do it anymore.

I want someone who likes to play with my son, and who won’t be annoyed by the fact that he is silly and likes to tell stories, who will be patient with him (and me) and who will go out with us to playgrounds, on trips, and even just on errands…so we can all feel like a family together.  I want someone who brings me out of my shell, who has good friends and is social and adventurous enough that we never get bored, but also enjoys staying in sometimes, or just going to dinner and a movie when the mood strikes.  Someone who wants to be close to me and involve me in all aspects of their life, but can entertain himself without me, and preferably someone who plays video games and fits in well with my friends.


Ideally, I’d like somebody whose family I can connect with, and who can connect with mine, though I know that’s a bit harder, so as long as he fits with my son, that’s all I’ll ask…but really, what it all comes down to is that I want someone who fits in my life.  Who wants to be there, who enjoys and appreciates every moment as I do with him, and hopefully enjoys my cooking so I can spoil him a little.

I just want a happy life with someone.  I know it’s pretty much impossible to find someone who meets all your criteria, but there are some categories I just will not settle for less in anymore, because of past experiences, and…I just hope someday I find someone that will work with that.  I want to connect with someone, I want to truly love someone, and I want someone who truly loves and respects me.  I’m tired of chasing after inevitable endings.  I want someone who wants all of me.  I want to give all of myself to someone, and I want to have all of them.

I want to hold him, protect him, and feel safe with him, and I want to enjoy every day and every new experience as if it were our first.  I want to love him with every fibre of my being, and I want his smile to energize me every time my eyes catch notice of it.  I want to feel secure, stable and at peace; I want to have no doubts about us.  I want to worry about him, miss him, and want to hold his hand even when we’re old and grey.  I want to keep learning new things about him, no matter how long we’re together.  I want him to be comfortable enough to share those things with me.


I want him to tell me his feelings, when he needs to, and never be afraid to cry in front of me, and I want to be able to do the same with him.  I want to know he’s always there, even if he’s not, just as I will always be with him.  I want to wake up every morning and go to sleep every night knowing that he’s the one for me, and that I love him, even if we’ve had a fight.  I want us to work through our problems, but be strong and smart enough to know when they are beyond us, and we need to ask for help.  I want him to show me the world as I’ve never seen it, and I want to make him smile even when he feels like crying.

I hope there’s someone out there for me, someday.  I hope we notice each other, if there is.  And I hope if we do, that we never stop.


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