I figured I might as well at least write the recap for the preface, since it’s only about a half a page long; surely that can’t do too much damage.  So welcome to my first foray into the world of Twilight, having never seen any of the movies nor read the books prior to now.  Wish me luck.

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The preface, as I mentioned, is really short, and seems to have been written solely to try to draw the user’s interest in reading further in the book.  Honestly, it didn’t do that for me at all, and I already think the book would have been better off without it, as I read the first line of the first chapter and actually found it to be somehow more engaging, despite that the line was really just description.

Anyway, the preface contains the thoughts of what I assume to be our main character, who is facing death at the hands of a hunter.  We don’t really know what exactly is meant by the term ‘hunter’, as yet, but apparently he’s friendly and casual about killing, so hey, sounds like a pretty good deal if you’ve gotta die anyway.

I’m assuming the main character here is Bella, so since it’s not mentioned in the preface who is thinking these thoughts, I’m just going to go with her…so Bella does not really seem afraid of dying, though she says she’s terrified; she really just seems more surprised at how it’s going to happen, because I guess she’s fine with dying because she’s in the place of someone she loves or something like that.  Oh great, this is going to be like The Host, where nothing matters except love even when that’s absolutely stupid.  Great.


She doesn’t think it’s ‘reasonable’ to grieve her own death because she got a dream so far beyond her expectations in life, and that’s about all there is to this preface, so…yeah.  This reads almost exactly like The Host, which is making it hard to see Bella as a different character than Wanda, so I’m hoping the first chapter or two changes that, because dear god, no, not again.

Otherwise, as I said, I didn’t find this preface to be very engaging, so in my opinion, the book would have been better off without it.  And that’s all I have to say about that.

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