The forty-first question for the Q&A section of this blog is: “When was your life most out of control?”

My life was probably most out of control just a few months ago, when my ex-boyfriend left.  At that point, everything was up in the air financially, emotionally and even physically, and it didn’t seem like anything I could do would make it any better.  We were common-law, and he left just before tax time, so there were issues with that, there were issues to sort with rent and utilities, which became easier or harder to deal with depending on his mood, there were issues with my son, I managed to develop every kind of sickness imaginable somehow, and of course, emotions were completely out of control on both sides.  It was basically a gigantic mess, and definitely a situation I’m not keen on repeating any time…ever.  Needless to say, it’ll likely be a while before I live with another boyfriend, if I can help it.

Things have evened out for the most part now, and actually emotionally are much better, but I’ll be glad when I’m free of the last remaining ties to him, so that it’s completely over and done with and things can really improve.  I don’t like living life with things so out of my hands, so if I have any say in it, that won’t be happening again! 🙂


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