The forty-seventh question for the Q&A section of this blog is: “What is the best way for you to relieve tension?”

Hmm….well, the best way is to have someone give me a massage/floats, because that’s pretty much the most relaxing thing ever…but cuddling with/being held by the right person will do it, as well.  If it’s something I have to do entirely on my own, then the best way for me to relieve tension is probably by listening to music and allowing myself to get really into it, especially if I’m driving and can have the windows down.  That melts away any stress, and turns it into fun and ridiculousness.  Otherwise, food and good TV/movies will help too…but music is probably the best solo thing, and touch definitely the best if others can be involved.  That is, if I can’t escape away to a tropical island, anyway 😉


Check out Mike’s answer at, and please feel free to post your own in the comments! :)

(Next question: “Which person have you taken most advantage of?”)