Back in March I had posted that because I was done with The Host, I was going to be starting on recaps of the Twilight books, but would not post them until Mike had caught up to me…well, there’s been a bit of a change in plans.   A lot has gone on in the past few months in the lives of both Mike and myself, and it’s made it very hard for Mike to keep up with his posts (especially because The Host is so terrible it makes it hard to stay motivated enough to continue with it when other things are going on) , so because Twilight is essentially just the same damn thing over and over for a million chapters (whining about the weather and being generally ungrateful in every possible situation), Mike is going to finish his recaps of The Host, as well as the movie review, and then we are going to recap the Twilight books as whole books rather than going chapter by chapter.  We will also do the movies as we go, but it will probably only amount to 2 posts per book, for the most part.  We will still attempt to do 50 Shades chapter by chapter when we get to it, but there is just so little to talk about in Twilight that isn’t repetitive that it just doesn’t seem worth it to go through all that, especially with the delays Mike has been facing, to give you chapter by chapter recaps that say the same things over and over.  So that’s the game-plan going forward.  I’m not 100% sure when I’ll start posting my Twilight recaps, since Mike does still have to catch up on The Host…but we shall see!  Things will be happening again soon, at any rate. 🙂  And that’s that!