The fiftieth question for the Q&A section of this blog is: “What subject would you most like to learn more about?”

This is an incredibly hard question for me, because there’s so much I’d like to learn, and for so many different reasons. I’m trying very hard to come up with *one* thing I’d want to learn about above all else, but I’m not actually sure that’s going to be possible, so while I’m not sure if this is really a valid answer since it may not be considered a ‘subject’, what I’d most like to learn more about is people.  I’d like to meet and get to know as many different people as possible; hear their stories, discover their personalities, and get wrapped up in everything that makes them who they are. I love people, I think they’re fascinating, and I think that my life would be greatly enriched by interacting with as many of them as possible, especially spanning across different countries and cultures…so if I could do that, it would be absolutely amazing.  I think I would be happy for the rest of my life if I was able to connect with more people like that…so that’s definitely what I’d most like to learn more about, if it counts. 🙂


Check out Mike’s answer at, and please feel free to post your own in the comments! :)

(Next question: “What would you be best at, were you to change careers?”)