So the truth comes out in this chapter, and it’s way less interesting than it should have been.  Thankfully this was a shorter chapter, because it was also a very boring one.


The chapter starts with Bella asking if she can ask Edward “just one more” question, which he for some reason agrees to, so she asks him how he knew she had gone south instead of going to the bookstore. Now, having read ahead I know why Meyer put this in here, but honestly it doesn’t make sense; any normal person would just assume that he had used the thoughts of others, like he said he did, to see that she went south instead of going to the bookstore, and would therefore not assume there was anything strange about him knowing that.

…But oh, wait, Bella is not a normal person, right?  She’s special, so of course she would know to ask about that instead of just making a logical connection.  Yeeeeeah.

Anyway, she asked it so Meyer could have Edward reveal that he followed her scent, which Bella doesn’t know how to respond to, so she changes the subject to point out that he didn’t answer one of her previous questions.  Okay, I get why she wouldn’t know what to say here, but wouldn’t she at least think something about it?  Even just that it might be a point in the ‘probably a vampire’ column?


She asks him again how the mind reading thing works, and if the rest of his family can do it, to which he responds that they can’t; only he can.  He says he has to be relatively close to the person whose mind he’s reading unless their ‘voice’ is very familiar to him, and that he usually tunes out the voices when he’s not specifically trying to focus on one of them.

Bella asks why he thinks he can’t hear her thoughts, and he says his only guess is that her mind doesn’t work the way everyone else’s does…and y’know, Edward, you really have no idea how right you are about that, but not in the way you’re thinking.  I am more curious about why the rest of his family can’t read thoughts.  Wonder if we’ll ever get to know?

Anyway, Bella gets self-conscious about the fact that she’s different, thinking it means she’s a freak like she always suspected (well, at least someone noticed), but Edward just laughs it off and says it’s just a theory before turning the conversation back to the theory that Bella was supposed to share with him.  Apparently Meyer can’t let any conversation go on without a completely useless interruption, though, because at this point, Bella suddenly notices how fast Edward is driving and freaks out about it.  Yep, as mentioned before, this book is fucking riveting.


They go back and forth for a while about whether or not his driving is unsafe, but eventually he slows down, and then – after a page of this nonsense – finally gets back to the matter at hand.  Bella delays again, afraid he’ll be angry with her for her theory, but he tries to reassure her by being calm, and asks her what got her started on her theory, since she said she didn’t come up with it on her own.

She tells him what Jacob told her, which is really fucking horrible of her since she told Jacob she would take his secret to her grave, so she damn well shouldn’t be telling it to one of the very fucking people it’s about, especially considering how dangerous the Cullens supposedly are, and the fact that Jacob told her flat out that their kind were enemies of his kind!  She doesn’t actually give a shit about anybody else, does she?  She knows this could potentially kill Jacob, but because she wants Edward, she’s willing to risk that!  She doesn’t even pretend that she figured out on her own that Edward was a vampire, from piecing things together with Jacob’s story; no, she tells Edward that Jacob mentioned his family!  And after she said how sweet Jacob was, and how much she liked him!

She somehow only realizes that she has endangered Jacob after revealing everything, so she tries to make it better by confessing that she forced him to tell her, as though that’s really gonna save him.  Edward asks why she forced him, so she explains about the other boy mentioning that the Cullens weren’t allowed there, then explains how she manipulated Jacob into telling her by flirting with him.  And that still significantly annoys me.

I wish she was this self-aware.

I wish she was this self-aware.

Edward asks what she did after that, so she tells him about her internet research, then reveals that she decided, after not being able to make sense of the information she found, that it didn’t matter what he was.  Edward is not pleased to hear that; he says he’d rather know what she’s thinking than have her go on not telling him the truth, but that she’s insane, and he is clearly very angry that she is still not accepting how dangerous he is, even though she has a pretty good idea now.

She asks if she’s right about what he is, saying she’s just curious, then asks how old he is and how long he’s been that age, getting exactly the answers she expected.  She then asks about a few of the sun and coffin related vampire stereotypes, which he says are all myths, then reveals that he can’t actually sleep at all, ever.  Well, that must suck.  …Or be awesome.  If he doesn’t get tired, then I guess definitely awesome…though I do like sleep.  Anyway, whatever.

Edward points out that she hasn’t yet asked about his diet, so she explains how Jacob said that his family wasn’t supposed to be dangerous because they only hunted animals, not people, which he vaguely confirms before reminding her that he is still dangerous.  He goes on to explain that sometimes they make mistakes, like him allowing himself to be alone with her, and then Bella thinks for a while about how scared she is that he’s pulling away from her instead of how scared she should be that he might drink her fucking blood, so she asks him to tell her more.


She asks why they hunt animals instead of people, so he tells her that he doesn’t want to be a monster (awwww), but that eating animals doesn’t fully satiate them, it just keeps them strong enough to resist temptation most of the time, and admits that it’s very difficult for him when he’s so close to her.  She tells him that she can tell he’s not actually hungry at that moment because of his eyes, and because men are crabbier when they’re hungry, so he says she’s observant again, and I’m just…not gonna comment on that this time.

She confirms that he was hunting with Emmett on the weekend, and he says he didn’t want to leave town because it makes him anxious to be away from her, and that he worried about her the whole time he was gone.  How sweet, and completely ridiculous. He doesn’t think it is, because of how often she hurts herself (he notes how she hurt her hands on the beach trip), but it is, because he knows next to nothing about her except that he should stay away from her, has no reason to be anything but annoyed by her, and should really not be worrying about what trouble she will get in without him around when he knows she’s in greater danger with him there…but whatever.

She asks why he and his family weren’t in school on Monday, since he says they got back from their hunting trip on Sunday, and she is angry that she had to feel disappointed by his absence when he could have been there, because eeeeeeeverything is all about her, all the time…and this is where we get our first glimpse at the stupidest quality that these vampires possess.  He doesn’t tell her all the details yet, so I won’t say anything in case there’s somehow someone left in the world that doesn’t know what happens to these guys when they go out in the sun, but he does reveal that something happens that isn’t painful to him, and says he’ll show her what it is sometime.


She harps on him for not calling her (does he even have her number? I don’t remember her giving it to him at any point), which confuses him because he says he knew she was safe, but she feels that she should have known where he was, because…why, exactly?  They’re not dating, they’re not even friends, they’ve only talked once; why the hell should he feel compelled to tell her his every movement?  Hell, why would he have to do that even if they were dating?  She doesn’t need to know where he is all the time.  But because she doesn’t like not seeing him, because she says it makes her anxious, she feels like he owes it to her to tell her where he is.  This is definitely the basis for a super healthy relationship, isn’t it?

Edward gets upset about her feeling that way, saying he doesn’t want to hear it because it’s wrong and not safe, because he’s dangerous and she needs to actually grasp that, and she responds:

‘No.‘ I tried very hard not to look like a sulky child.”


Seriously?  “No”?  He’s telling you he’s dangerous, and that it upsets him that you won’t listen to him when he tells you that, and you’re just gonna say “no”?  Well hell yeah you sound like a sulky child!  How stupid, self-involved and childish are you??

He tells her he’s serious, but she says she is too, and that it’s too late, so it doesn’t matter what he is.  Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with this girl?  Why does he still want her after all this bullshit?  She’s obviously a complete fucking moron!  He snaps at her for saying it’s too late, then asks what she’s thinking for some reason, and notices she’s crying.  When he asks if she is, she says no, because again she’s a fucking child, but he’s not as stupid as she is so he doesn’t just fall for it, and instead apologizes.

They sit in silence for a minute, then he asks her what she was thinking just before he saved her from the group of guys, because her expression had confused him…and y’know what?  I really don’t give a shit about any of this.  It’s so fucking boring.  She goes on about trying to remember self-defence stuff, then tells him she didn’t think of running because she falls down a lot when she runs, and this is all just so he can express further concern over her well-being for some fucking reason. Then she demands to know if she’ll see him tomorrow, and he says she will because he has a paper due, but what happens if it’s sunny tomorrow?  Then he’ll be breaking his promise to her, and she might have an epic meltdown! Better be careful, Edward!


He does promise to be there, though, and to save a seat for her at lunch, and then they have some pointless back and forth about his jacket before he makes her promise not to go into the woods alone.  He claims there are more dangerous things than him out there, which makes her shudder, but she doesn’t ask for any further detail thankfully, she just agrees.  If you couldn’t tell, I’m trying really damn hard to get to the end of this chapter ASAP.  I think I might fall asleep otherwise.

Blah blah blah, they say goodbye, he blows in her face, she makes a fool of herself by being clumsy again, and then he is gone and she is home, talking to her dad about the fact that she’s back early.  SO EXCITING!  They go on about how she should go to bed, and how she left her jacket in Jess’s car so she has to call her, but then Jess calls her instead, wanting to know what happened with Edward, but Bella says she’ll tell her in class tomorrow because her dad is there.

She goes to shower and realizes how cold she is, which I assume is supposed to be significant for some reason, then gets ready for bed and climbs under the covers, thinking about the things she’s sure of, which are that Edward is a vampire, that he thirsts for her blood, and that she is “unconditionally and irrevocably” in love with him.  And that’s the end of the chapter.  YAY!  God, I’m so glad that’s over.  This book is so painful to read…but, see you next time anyway. *sigh*


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