The sixty-third question for the Q&A section of this blog is: “What is the sexiest thing anyone has ever worn for you?”

Well, no girl has ever intentionally dressed sexy for me, and I don’t think any man has ever intentionally dressed up in a suit or anything like that for me either, so…it’s hard to say if anyone has ever worn anything sexy just for me.  But if we just go with what the sexiest thing anyone’s ever worn in my presence was, that would be (hands down) my boyfriend wearing nothing but his underwear.  They are incredibly flattering on him, and draw attention to his gorgeous back, abs and perfect ass…so yeah, that’d be the one.  I’m pretty sure it’s actually the only thing any guy has ever worn around me that I actually thought *was* sexy…which sounds bad, but I mean come on; girls just have much better bodies! Clothes are so much more flattering on them! But him in his underwear, yeah, I can handle that.  Mmmmmhmmm. That’s a happy thought.


Okay, enough of that awkwardness! Till next time…

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(Next question: “What is the strongest willpower you’ve ever displayed?”)