The seventieth question for the Q&A section of this blog is: “What is the worst punishment you’ve ever had to endure?”

Well, I guess that depends on what you consider to be a ‘punishment’. I’m not sure I’ve been legitimately punished for much – though that might just be my incredibly poor memory acting up again – but sometimes it certainly feels like I’m being punished for something.  Take right now, for example…I somehow developed a lung infection a few weeks ago, which ended up resulting in a trip to the ER on Christmas Eve, which revealed a broken rib.  A few days later, I developed incredible sciatic pain in my hip and leg, which has only become progressively worse as time has gone on, and then last night I managed to break another rib, in the same way as the first, while the first is still healing and I still have the sciatic pain…and the infection seems to be coming back, somehow.  So all of this certainly feels like a punishment, but logically I know it’s not (and I can’t imagine what it would be a punishment for anyway), so…I’m not sure what to consider here.

As mentioned previously, I’ve been in abusive relationships in the past, and I was certainly “punished” during those (with threats, physical abuse, etc.), but I’m also not sure those things apply, as they were not justifiable punishments; they were punishments in the eyes of my abusers, but just straight up abuse in the eyes of anyone else.  So I’d say that also doesn’t count.

So legitimate punishments? I don’t know. I guess I haven’t really done much that would lead to punishment…unless you count going through the pain of a breakup because of things I did/did not do, or getting in trouble with my mom as a child, or something like that…nothing severe, at any rate. I guess this is another one I simply don’t have a good answer for.  Man, I’m boring.


Oh well; see you next time!

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(Next question: “Who do you think was the worst criminal in history?”)