The seventy-fifth question for the Q&A section of this blog is: “Who had the best body you ever made love with?”

Oh, this is by far the easiest question I’ve had yet! Hands down, without a doubt, the ‘award’ for best body I’ve ever made love with goes to my current boyfriend.  Mmmm, dear god, that boy…strong, sexy back, perfect ass, gorgeous biceps and abs, and….well, I’ll leave it at that, because the rest is TMI 😉 But yes, no question whatsoever; he’s got the best body. And I’m not just saying that because he’s the one I’m currently with, because he’ll probably never even see this; he really is worlds above the people I’ve been with in the past.  I could look at him naked all day…which is why I’m lucky that he prefers to be naked. I’ve never really cared much about men’s bodies until him, but I don’t know how I could possibly resist his body.  It’s just perfect. And now, off to daydream about that…


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(Next question: “Who has the weakest set of values in your family? And among your friends?”)