The seventy-sixth question for the Q&A section of this blog is: “Who has the weakest set of values in your family? And among your friends?”

It’s sad to say that there are a few people in my family with pretty weak values, but it’s the truth; I mean, for example, I do have both a half-brother and a step-brother that have never even met their nephew (my son), despite that he’s almost 5 years old, and they’ve been living in the same city as I have since before he was born. Perhaps that, in itself, is not too terrible (though it still feels like it is to me), but both of them have also used and abused their fathers, completely disregarding how their actions made them feel, and considering neither of their fathers (particularly my step-father) deserved it at all, it’s impossible to imagine a world in which I could ever respect either of them again.

When it comes right down to it, though, I’d have to say that my half-brother wins for ‘weakest values’, because his actions in the past few months have gone above and beyond what I believed he would be capable of in terms of horrible treatment of our father, and when you add that to the years of neglecting his family, while simultaneously acting like he’s so much better than everyone else and deserves not only their love and respect, but also their money…yeah, I think he’s lacking some moral fiber, and has definitely lost any sense of family values. I won’t go into any more detail about the things he’s done, but really, a year ago I never would have thought someone could outshine my step-brother in the ‘selfish, entitled child’ department, but my half-brother has certainly succeeded there.  And I look forward to the day I get to tell him exactly how I feel about his actions.


As for my friends, I’m not sure.  I’ve certainly had a few friends who have been perfectly fine with living off of others and doing as little work as possible to get through life (and usually bitching about even that), but I don’t actually want to think too much about who has the weakest values out of my friends, because my friends are awesome people, for the most part, so…I’m gonna end this here.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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