The seventy-ninth question for the Q&A section of this blog is: “Who is the dumbest person you ever dated more than once?”

Well, let’s see…who can I be considered to have dated more than once? I’ve had on/off relationships with people where we would break up for a couple of days or something, and then get back together, but I’m not sure if that counts as ‘dating more than once’ or not. I guess if it does, then the answer would have to be…my abusive ex, from many years ago. He has definitely done some exceptionally dumb things in his life (many of which have resulted in him getting arrested), especially since the last time I saw him, so I’m not sure there can be much question there.

If that doesn’t count, though, the closest I can think of is that my son’s father and I had a one night stand (which produced our son) a bit more than a year after we had broken up, so that’s not really dating more than once, but it was definitely really stupid.  He’s not stupid, but the situation certainly was.

So I don’t know if either of those really counts, but I’m pretty sure they’re the best I can do.


Check out Mike’s answer at, and please feel free to post your own in the comments! :)

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