The eightieth question for the Q&A section of this blog is: “What is the most spontaneous you have ever been?”

I’m not normally a very spontaneous person, though that’s something I’ve been hoping for a long time would change about me…so it’s hard for me to think of anything spontaneous I’ve really done at any point before the past 8 months or so. I say that because I have done a few spontaneous things with my current boyfriend, since I met him, so I can go into a few of those here…but I still feel like there must be something further back that would fit better here. I’m probably wrong, though.

Anyway, the spontaneity with regards to my current boyfriend started, actually, the first day I met him, almost exactly 8 months ago. I was home with my son, trying to figure out what we would do for the day and chatting online with him (the man who would become my boyfriend), when he suddenly invited me and my son to join him and his son for a picnic play-date at a local park. Now, usually I would have instantly said no to a request like that, because I’d never met the guy so I couldn’t be sure I’d want my son around him, because I had no time to mentally prepare for meeting someone new (it’s surprisingly hard and anxiety provoking for me), because at the time I had lost my voice to laryngitis, and some other reasons that aren’t coming to the front of my mind right now but I know I had…but he assured me that the loss of voice was no problem, and that that would be a silly reason not to meet, and the attitude he had, combined with the things we’d talked about and how comfortable with and drawn to him I’d felt since we first started chatting, led me to say yes.


In the time between saying yes and actually getting to the park, I thought of backing out multiple times, but by that point I’d already told my son what we were doing and taken him to pick up new sand toys to play with at the beach (there was a small one at the park we were going to), and I didn’t want to disappoint him, so I went along with it anyway. So, spontaneous action #1, which led to an amazing picnic, 6 hours together playing with the kids, and a plan to take the kids out on the harbour the following Sunday.

After that, the spontaneity continued with him asking me, late on Monday night (we met on Sunday), to go for a walk with him at a lake I’d never even heard of before, a bit of a distance from my home. The friend I was with when he asked this of me thought I was crazy for considering going, but go I did, meeting him at midnight in a grocery store parking lot. We ended up walking all around the lake and surrounding neighbourhood until 3:30 am, talking.  Our first date was that following Thursday, and was once again a situation where he asked me last minute if I wanted to go out with him, and I just couldn’t pass it up.

A couple of weeks later, we’d seen each other almost (if not) every day, and it was at that point that we got to talking about his motorcycle, and how much it meant to him.  Up to that point, I’d been very afraid of motorcycles, but I could see how much he loved it, so when he suggested we go out for a ride that night, after I told him I’d be willing to try it sometime…well, as you can probably guess, I did. At midnight that night, I hopped on the back of his bike, and off we went for a spontaneous ride. We were gone two hours, at least, and it was just fantastic. I’ve loved the bike ever since.

There have been some other spontaneous situations with him since then, but those are the most notable to me, and certainly stick out far better than any spontaneous situations I may have had that didn’t involve him. And let me tell you; I regret absolutely none of those spontaneous decisions. They were some of the best decisions in my life, and I look forward to more in the future.


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