The eighty-fourth question for the Q&A section of this blog is: “What in the world would you most like to see protected?”

Good people. That’s the immediate answer that comes to mind when I read this question. I know there are lots of things in the world that need protecting, but I think this covers a good percentage of them – or at least the ones that deserve it, anyway. To me, it’s almost like protecting the innocent (children, animals, etc.) except a bit more specific, because it’s somewhat hard to determine what is and is not actually ‘innocent’. For example, children are deemed to be ‘innocent’ by default, but not all children are truly innocent. I know that seems harsh and cruel to say, but it is, unfortunately, also true. I’m not going to get into why it’s true right now, as that’s a whole post in and of itself, but it is, so for that reason, my answer is ‘good people’. People who deserve good things to happen to them.

It has been my experience, in my almost 30 years of life, that genuinely good people are usually the most trodden on and screwed over, while those who abuse and take advantage of others seem to rise to the top and have everything handed to them on a silver platter. I know I’ve mentioned that in this blog before, and I’m sorry if anyone feels like I’m harping on about it, but it bothers me severely, so it’s a bit hard to let go of. Good people deserve good things, and unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be how the world works, and I just can’t make sense of it.


So I would like to see genuinely good people protected, so that even if they can’t get the best of everything (which they deserve, and bad people do not :P), they will at least be able to have relatively happy, healthy lives, getting what they need and staying safe from unnecessary harm. I know, I know, many would argue that good people are the way they are because of the hardships they’ve suffered…but perhaps after they’ve suffered enough to prove that they are, in fact, genuinely good, then they can be rewarded by a lifetime of protection after that, providing they continue to be good people. That seems fitting to me.

I just wish I could protect the good people in my life, instead of watching them suffer and fall apart while I’m able to do exactly nothing, as is happening now. 😦 Karma needs to exist…


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