The eighty-ninth question for the Q&A section of this blog is: “Whose brain power have you found most intimidating?”

I’m sad to say I’ve found a lot of people’s brain power intimidating in the past. It’s a very uncomfortable feeling, because I know at that point that I can’t easily interact with them because I’m so overwhelmed by just trying to keep up with them, and it makes me feel very stupid. There have been entire conversations I’ve been a part of that were not much more than extended periods of awkwardness, because I was spending all the time that the individual was speaking attempting to figure out what they were actually saying before my turn to speak came up. I’m honestly not sure what it is about some people that makes me so intimidated, because I know other people who are unimaginably intelligent, and I’m not intimidated by them at all…but sometimes it happens, and I can certainly remember a few offhand.

For the most part, I don’t speak with the people whose brain power has intimidated me in the past anymore, not because I don’t like intelligent people (I absolutely do), but because it makes it hard for me to connect with them when I’m feeling really insecure just talking to them. There is one person I do still talk to on occasion whose brain power intimidates me, though, and that’s my old boss. He is incredibly intelligent, verbose, well-traveled and well-read, and I find that that makes me have to think more carefully about everything I’m going to say when I’m speaking with him. The intimidation is not entirely a bad thing when it comes to him, because I’m mostly just impressed by him, and he’s very good at making me feel like I’m at his level when we both know I’m not…but there are still times when I feel a bit overwhelmed.


So I guess he’s the individual I still continue to interact with whose brain power intimidates me the most; if we’re talking anyone I’ve ever met, it would be a guy I briefly spoke with online on a few occasions. He completely overwhelmed me. 😛

That’s it, I guess!

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