The one hundred-third question for the Q&A section of this blog is: “What was the job you enjoyed least?”

I want to say delivering papers, because it required me to be up super early in the morning, lugging around a very heavy bag and then bugging people for money a few times a month…but unfortunately, I think I still have to say babysitting was the job I enjoyed least. I feel really bad about saying that, because the kids I babysat were wonderful, and could not possibly have been any better…I was just never good with kids, and I never knew what to do to entertain them. I always felt awkward and uncomfortable around them, and like I hadn’t done enough to make them happy throughout the day, but didn’t know how to change that. So it was basically a constant source of anxiety for me, that had me wishing I could go home every minute of the day…so yeah, we’ll go with that.


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