The one hundred-fifth question for the Q&A section of this blog is: “What is the one thing about your country that makes you angriest? And proudest?”

At the moment, the thing that makes me angriest about my country is its leadership. Our current leader and his party have completely destroyed most of what was so great about this country, and that is simultaneously depressing and infuriating. We were, and could have continued to be, such a great nation, but now we’re a disgrace, and that sickens me. So yeah, I’m not going to go into any more detail on that right now, but that’s what makes me angriest.

Seems to be how Harper feels about us.

Seems to be how Harper feels about us.

As for what makes me proudest, I’m honestly not sure anymore. I used to be so incredibly proud of this country, and sometimes still feel that pride well up inside of me, but when it does, I find it harder and harder to really identify why I’m feeling proud. I guess maybe it’s the people, since for the most part, Canada is still full of good people…but it used to be so much more, and that’s just sad. At least it’s still a beautiful country, and we still try to be friendly, despite the way our leader would have us presented to the world now…

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