“Here I am, with a stack full of terrible books, volunteering not only to read them, but to actually think about them for long enough to review them. Yep…these are the things I choose to do with my life.”

Those were my thoughts as I gazed out the window, holding new copies of The Host by Stephenie Meyer, the entire Twilight collection (also by Stephenie Meyer), and the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy by E.L. James that my long-time friend Mike (http://emptystress.wordpress.com/) so graciously had sent to me.  See, Mike and I have decided that we will both read all these books and write chapter by chapter deconstructions on our blogs, which seemed like a great idea at the time, but actually having these books in front of me…well, let’s just say this is certainly going to be an adventure.  There are quite a few pages to choke down here.

I’ll take the blame, though; the book deconstruction in general was Mike’s idea, but I’m the one who decided to subject us both to these books in particular.  Why?  Because though everything I’ve heard about all of these books is terrible (despite the vast popularity of all of them), and the passages I’ve seen from them have certainly been nothing to write home about, I have never read them myself, and I didn’t think it was entirely fair to comment on them without actually experiencing them.  I’m not usually a ‘blogging’ type of girl, so this might be a bit difficult for me, but the idea of a deconstruction was appealing to me at this point because to be perfectly honest, if these books are what I’ve heard that they are, I probably won’t make it all the way through unless there’s something motivating me to do so.

So, here we are.  A stack of books, and me about to dive in.  I’m not entirely sure what to actually do with these books, in the physical sense; I’ve currently got them sitting next to my computer because I’m not sure where to put them.  It didn’t feel right putting them on the bookshelf with the other books, though maybe I will change my mind about that in the end…either way, though, there’s not much room for them there.  They’ve inspired a lot of questions in people who’ve dropped by the place, let me tell you…but I’m not sure my explanation as to why they’re there really made anyone feel like I was any less crazy.  I certainly still got plenty of raised eyebrows and sceptical looks.

So why do I have the physical copies, then?  Well…I don’t particularly like eBooks.  I mean, I certainly like the concept, but I’ve never been able to get into actually reading books that way.  I need the feel of the books in my hand and the pages turning, I guess.  I love computers and technology, and I do own a Kindle, which has been useful for many reasons, and on which I have thousands of books…but when I really want to read something in particular, I still find that I have to get the physical copy.  And though I’m not sure what I’ll do with these books once I’m done with them if I don’t like them, I know that I would never get through them at all if I had to read them on a screen.

I guess that’s really all there is to say right now.  Mike and I will both be starting with The Host as our first foray into poor decision-making, so enjoy our respective descents!  I expect us to come out with very different perspectives on these books.  And in case you didn’t see the link above, Mike’s blog is at http://emptystress.wordpress.com 🙂