The one hundred-twelfth question for the Q&A section of this blog is: “When do you find yourself most politically incorrect?”

Hahaha, wow, this question. When do I find myself most politically incorrect? All the time. Given the standards for what is considered to be politically correct these days, I’m pretty sure I’m politically incorrect 99.9% of the time. Honestly, I think our society has gone way too far in terms of political correctness; to the point that just being yourself is no longer “PC”, so you have to monitor your every action and every word that passes your lips, lest it offend someone in some weird, backwards way. It amazes me what people find offensive these days. I look at Facebook, and all I see is people complaining about what other people are thinking, doing or saying, and it is genuinely fascinating (and, at the same time, incredibly frustrating) to see how people these days can twist even the nicest, most well-intended statement or action into something horribly offensive. It makes me afraid to talk to anyone I meet in public, because I can’t know, when meeting them, how ‘sensitive’ they’ll be. Everything sets people off these days, and I find it overwhelmingly draining.

But when do I find myself most politically incorrect? Well, I guess that would be when talking to or about (or, as it is most of the time, just thinking about) feminists. There is very little in feminism that I agree with, despite being female myself, so I have a very hard time maintaining my socially acceptable status when feminist issues are being discussed. Now, I say that very broadly, because I have absolutely no interest in going into the details of this and getting blasted for it at the moment, so there are, of course, parts of feminism that I find to be perfectly reasonable, and I’m not saying feminists are bad, because some of them are perfectly fine people…it’s just that most of what they preach really isn’t reasonable or okay, to me. Most of it is, to be honest, infuriating to me…as is the way society is run in many other ways, these days.


I am really just not meant to exist in the current time period, I don’t think. It would be nice if I existed at a time when my feelings were more PC…and/or the definition of what is PC was more reasonable.

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