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Q&A: Libs vs. Cons

The one hundred-seventh question for the Q&A section of this blog is: “What do you think is the worst thing about liberals? And about conservatives?”

Alright, I’m gonna be honest here: I don’t really like discussing politics. Sometimes it’s fun, in the moment, but in general, it’s not one of my favourite topics. That being the case, I kind of really hate these questions, and can’t wait to move on from the political topics…so as a result, I’m not going to bother answering this one. I really just do not have it in me to talk about that stuff right now, when it’s not something I’m feeling passionate about. Sorry!


Check out Mike’s answer at http://emptystress.wordpress.com, and please feel free to post your own in the comments! :)

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Q&A: Life

The eighty-seventh question for the Q&A section of this blog is: “What is the most interesting kind of life to lead?”

A life free of fear.  If you could live life fearlessly, you could do anything. I don’t mean being naive or ignorant and living beyond your means (so I guess in that sense, financial security/freedom would also be beneficial), but within reason and/or if you had the resources to do what you wanted, being free of fear would allow you to experience so many different and wonderful things, and I can’t think of much that would be more rewarding than that.

I mean, just imagine it: Every day is full of possibilities for someone without fear. They’re not afraid to be themselves, to meet people, to go out and dance in the street if they want to, to try new foods, to take a few days off and just disappear to somewhere they’ve never been, to love whoever they want without worrying about rejection, to be passionate about things, to just….really live. When I talk about an “interesting” lifestyle, I always picture those people who are always off on some new and fantastic adventure, trying something I could only dream of, and they just seem so happy.


Honestly, that’s the kind of life I want. I want to face all my fears by jumping into them headfirst, and just finally start experiencing things. My boyfriend is very much the adventurous type, and I can’t wait to experience everything I can with him. I hope we are someday in a position that will allow us to travel, so he can teach me to do all the things he does already, and so we can find new experiences that he hasn’t had, and try those together. I will be afraid; that much I know for sure…but I hope someday I won’t be. I want to have things to do, stories to tell, and adrenaline rushing through my veins. I’ve never felt more alive than I have since I met my boyfriend and started trying things with him that I was afraid of, and I feel like if I can keep that up, my life will not only be a thousand times more satisfying, but probably also healthier..and definitely happier.

So, a life without fear; that’s the life for me. It would definitely be much more interesting than the life I’ve led thus far!


Check out Mike’s answer at http://emptystress.wordpress.com, and please feel free to post your own in the comments! :)

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Q&A: Careers

The fifty-first question for the Q&A section of this blog is: “What would you be best at, were you to change careers?”

I have absolutely no idea.  See, the problem with me is that I pretty much just do whatever job comes my way that seems to make the most sense at the time, and when I do a job, I do absolutely everything I can to be the best at it…so with that being the case, it’s hard to say what I would be best at.  I don’t believe that being passionate about something necessarily makes you good at it (at least not initially; if you put in the work to become good at it, maybe), so I can’t answer with what I’m passionate about, but I’m really not sure what I’m best at, aside from things I already have done/am doing…so yeah, I don’t think I have an answer for this question.  I’m not even really sure if I would be considered to have a ‘career’ currently, so I’m not sure I could really ‘change careers’…changing careers kind of is my career.  I go where the wind takes me.  So right now I could be the best at what I do, but I could also potentially be the best at doing something else, or I could never be the best at anything…I really don’t know.  Vague answers! Yay!

giphy (1)

Check out Mike’s answer at http://emptystress.wordpress.com, and please feel free to post your own in the comments! :)

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Q&A: Opinionated

The twenty-first question for the Q&A section of this blog is: “What is the strongest opinion you hold?”

I don’t know if I can really give a comprehensive answer to this question, as I’m not sure I actually have any opinions that are strong enough to qualify here.  I mean, when a topic is brought up, I definitely will have an opinion on it, and I may feel quite strongly/passionately about it then, but there’s nothing I really fight for/defend on a regular basis.  I have many strong beliefs, but I know that’s sort of a different matter, so…I’m just not sure how to answer this.


A part of me would like to mention some of the things that I feel strongly about when they’re brought up, but I’m not entirely sure I should, as many of them relate to feminism (to be clear, I am not a feminist) and other controversial issues, and I do not want to accidentally offend anybody or start any serious debates on my blog at the moment.  So…I guess there’s not much more to say than that.  I have strong beliefs which I could discuss, but that wasn’t the question, and the strong opinions I have I cannot really call to mind at the moment because they’re not things I spend a large portion of my time thinking about.

Maybe that could be considered one of my strongest opinions – I feel very strongly that some people spend so much time defending their opinions that they forget to actually live their lives, and cut people out of their lives that could otherwise have been quite beneficial for them to have known, all because they don’t 100% agree with one another.  As long as you’re respectful about others’ opinions and beliefs, and how you express your own, I’ll be glad you are strong and intelligent enough to have those opinions/beliefs, but the second you try to shove them down someone’s throat, or cut people out of your life because they don’t conform to your opinions/beliefs, that’s too far.  And that’s my opinion on that.

See, now, this is just not okay.

See, now, this is just not okay.

Sorry for the cop out answer.  Maybe with more time I could have come up with something better, but there are many more questions to go in the book I’ve got, so I think it’s okay to have a slightly less in depth answer every now and then.  Especially after my last one…

Check out Mike’s answer at http://emptystress.wordpress.com, and please feel free to post your own in the comments! :)

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Q&A: Bad Sex

The twentieth question for the Q&A section of this blog is: “What was your most disappointing sexual experience?”

Well, now we’re officially into the questions that are hard to answer for more reasons than just that they take a lot of thought.  I’m wary about answering this, because obviously it involves people other than just myself in a very personal way, but I committed to this, so I guess I’ve got to do it.  Be warned, this post will be INCREDIBLY TMI and NOT SAFE FOR WORK, so if you’re not comfortable with sexual themes, or knowing things about my sexual history in particular, PLEASE DO NOT READ ON (but if you think you can handle it, click the link below).



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Q&A: Self-love

The sixteenth question for the Q&A section of this blog is: “When do you love yourself most?”

I am disproportionately excited about this question, and have been since I saw it was coming up.  I’m pretty sure the reason why is because this may be the first time ever that I’ve had an actual answer for this question, so it’s just absolutely perfect that it came up now.  I remember answering this with “never” in previous years when my friends and I went through this book, and up until a few weeks ago, I probably would have said the same, but that’s no longer true.  I’ve recently realized that I’m kind of awesome sometimes, and I am incredibly glad to have had that revelation.


So, when do I love myself most?  When I let myself be completely, unapologetically myself, and especially when I do so despite how others feel about me, or are trying to make me feel about myself.  I’ve spent the majority of my life letting myself be taken down by others and their views of me, letting their bad moods tear me apart, and believing what they said about me even when it simply didn’t add up and I knew, logically, that their words were untrue.  I let other people define who I was, even if that wasn’t how I felt, and I took their comments to heart far more than I should have.

I suppose that explains why I have a penchant for staying in abusive relationships; I truly believed that I was not good enough to do any better, and that I must be all of the things they said I was, so I just had to be better.  No matter how much I gave, no matter how much I did, no matter how much I loved, it was not good enough, and it was all my fault; I had to do better, and I had to be someone else if I wanted anyone to love me.

That, my friends, was complete bullshit.  And it is no longer who I’m going to  be or how I’m going to live my life.

I am so much more than what those people made of me, and I can be even more than that.  I may not know what’s out there for me, and I may not know what I’ll become, but I’ll tell you right now, it’s a whole hell of a lot more than what I am right now.  I can do things, and I will.  It’s just a matter of figuring out how to take those first few steps.  But it will come.  I know it will.


Yes, I am indeed burdened with glorious purpose.

…Kinda got off track there a little bit, for a moment.  Sorry about that.

As I said, I love myself most when I let myself be myself, and that comes easiest to me when I let myself get totally lost in music or movies.  Those are my two greatest passions in life, so I find if I’m feeling bad, especially about myself, or if someone has brought me down, I just head off to a movie, or put on my headphones and get lost in music, and I’m fine again.  The music works best because it leads to me dancing and singing like an idiot, which makes me laugh at myself, and absolutely not care what other people think of me…and I love myself, then.  I know I’m fun, I know I’m ridiculous, and I know someone will someday appreciate that in me as much as I appreciate it in myself.

I am not as little as I let myself believe, or let others tell me, and I’m going to be completely awesome someday, all because I’m going to finally let myself!  And I’m not going to let others bring me down anymore.  I love that about myself too.

I guess really, when it comes down to it, I love myself most right now.  When I’m letting myself love myself.  When I’m seeing my own worth, and what I have to offer, and what I can do.  I feel completely full, and I never want to feel any less than that, ever again.  I’m going to end this now before I get repetitive!

And this is, quite simply, how it happened.  It just *did*.

And this is, quite simply, how it happened. It just *did*.

Check out Mike’s answer at http://emptystress.wordpress.com, and please feel free to post your own in the comments! :)

(Next question: “What would you most readily die for?”)


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