The nineteenth question for the Q&A section of this blog is: “What is your favourite store in the world?”

I’m assuming this means physical store, but to be honest, I don’t do much shopping, so I’m not sure I really have a favourite.  There aren’t very many stores around here that are actually interesting, and I don’t think I should just choose a store I shop at often, because if I did that, my favourite store would end up being the grocery store…so I think I may have to go with online stores.


I could cheat by saying my favourite store is Blame Betty, since that is a physical store, but it’s a physical store that is located absolutely nowhere near me, so I only shop through their online store…so I won’t go that route. Giving up all hope of listing a physical store here, then, I’d have to say my favourite store is either Etsy or Amazon.  Etsy is basically a bunch of little stores, so I’m also not sure if that would count, but they certainly have a lot of amazing things.  Overall, though, I think Amazon wins, because their prices and shipping are awesome, and I’ve never, ever had a problem with them.  I didn’t receive something I ordered once, but they gave me zero hassle when I contacted them about it, even though the item was over $100 and they had to basically take my word for it that I didn’t receive it, and they even expedited the shipping for free to be sure it was here for when I needed it.


I’ve ordered a lot from them over the years, and I find that I’ve been more impressed every time; there’s always something new they do that makes my experience with them even better than it was the last time.  So, I’m going to give the win to Amazon here.  At least the Canadian site; the American one has not been quite as good to me.

That’s about all there is to say about that!  This question would have been much more interesting if asked to someone who either shops more than I do, or lives somewhere where there are actually interesting stores. 😛 Oh well!

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Check out Mike’s answer at, and please feel free to post your own in the comments! :)

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